Get ready to rediscover You!

In 16 weeks you will learn how to support yourself through mindful movement and nutrition, shift the diet mentality and begin to love yourself again.
We will spend 16 weeks together working toward creating the body, health and mindset you want. We will educate and guide you on how to have a healthy, positive outlook on weight management without fad diets, restrictive eating or excessive exercise. 
The Stress-Less Method is only open to a small number of women who are on the waitlist... 
Will you be one of them?
Who is the Stress-Less Method For?

This is for you if:

... You've been on the diet roller coaster for years and you're at a loss when it comes to eating healthy

... You're struggling to lose weight, or have lost the weight only to gain it all back

... You feel uncomfortable in your clothes, and feel even more uncomfortable looking at yourself naked in mirror

... You're constantly exhausted and rely on stimulants like coffee to get you through the day

... You feel tired but wired at the end of the day and have trouble sleeping or staying asleep

... You feel anxious, have brain fog and find it difficult to focus

... You're struggling with hormonal imbalance and mood swings

... You struggle to cope with cravings and find yourself often giving in and snacking 

... You’ve had the thoughts of “I’ll never lose the weight,” “I can’t resist the food,” or “I know I shouldn’t eat this but I don’t care”

... You feel like you've lost yourself

... You end up last on your priority list

... You know something isn't quite right 

If you answered yes to any or all of the above, then The Stress-Less Method is for you!

If you're fed up with the vicious cycle, and you're ready to make real, sustainable change, then The Stress-Less Method is for you!

If you're ready for a lifestyle shift that will have you feeling more energized, balanced and confident, then The Stress-Less Method is for you!

If you're ready to Stress-Less about what to eat and what exercise you should be doing, then the Stress-Less Method is for you!

If you’re ready to get off the diet roller coaster and learn how to shift your mindset and gain confidence then the Stress-Less Method is for you!

What's Included?
Private Consultations:
Initial One-on-One Consults to review your health intake and to customize your nutrition and mindset approach 

4 Nutrition Follow-Through Consults to ensure your personalized approach is working best for you

10 Mindset Coaching Sessions ensure healthy, sustainable change and a healthy relationship with food for ultimate success. Uncover the reasons you are feeling stuck with the diet mentality, and learn how to be happy and love the body you're in. 

Full Access to Video Library:
Access to the Stress-Less Method Workout Video Library.
Easy to follow, low impact, high result workouts that won't leave you strapped for time.

Online 'Members Only' Access to all the program content so you can work through it at your own pace, or go back and review it at any time.

16 Live Weekly Coaching Classes to educate, and guide you through the program content and to highlight a new area of focus so you understand how your body works.
Everything is recorded so you can re-watch at any time.

Customized healing protocols Meal Plans & Recipes to take the guesswork out of how and what to eat and which supplements to take. Focused on proper elimination, gut health, adrenal and thyroid healing & happy hormones. 

Private Facebook group for community support, daily inspiration, tips & guidance 

"Your health is an investment, not an expense"

Ready to get started? 
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Why the Stress-Less Method?
The Stress-Less Method was designed to educate women on how to shift their mindset so they can Stress Less about what to eat and how to move their body. 

By focusing on a shifting the mindset, and healing your relationship with food, you can move away from the diet rollercoaster through incorporating a healthy, balanced diet, and working on healing the body from the inside out. 

You will learn to balance blood sugar, support your hormone health and cultivate a proper movement routine. 

Women actually see results in increased energy, develop a positive relationship with food, exercise, and self. 

Ditch the coffee dependence, ditch the fad diets, ditch the negative self talk. Forgo the excessive workout plan, and excessive calorie counting. Let go of the All or Nothing mindset and embrace a healthy foundational approach. 

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